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"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."
-Thomas Edison

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why here...Why now?

I was recently challenged by a good friend of mine to create this blog. He felt it time I stepped into the good of blogging. Knowing my challenger's character and his interest in my success, I understood why he challenged me. See, last year while working full-time I acquired my undergrad degree in Professional Communications. Like many others, though, I'm currently coasting my way through a stagnant job market.

I believe the nature of my friend's challenge was for me to explore other outlets of self discovery and avoid waiting for a job offer to validate my academic achievements, talent, and worth. He's encouraging me to utilize my training, niche, and experience to explore new ways of showcasing who I am.

Special Friend, if you're reading this. I get it. Thank you for believing in me and challenging me to be better. Let's Go!

Facing the Blog Challenge: My Truth

I was challenged to create this blog by midnight last night (5/13/11) and never passing down a reasonable challenge- here I am. Okay, yes. I spent 18-19 hours past midnight pondering a name, direction and such and even longer delivering my first post- but I did it. I really don't think my friend's challenge focused on me creating it by midnight-per say, or all bets would be off, but more so Nike might prescribe- JUST DO IT! And that I did. 1Truthis has reached cyberspace!

I'm not completely new to blogging, though. I mean I've always internalized an interest in it. If that counts. But honestly, the idea of the blog's anonymity- although exhilarating- is in some ways intimidating to me. I mean can I trust the safety of expressing what I want when I want without judgement? Can I allow myself to be totally free to expose pieces of myself my life my journey to strangers? How safe will this forum be to finally purge what I've bottled up for so long- sometimes about nothing in particular?

And that people...whoever you are...where ever you are, is yet to be discovered. But hey, at least I got past the first stage of creating the darn thing!

Truthfully speaking, outside of knowing what a blog is and the capacity my words might reach, I really don't know that much about the technical side of creating a good blog. From the type whether it be a personal, niche, or business blog, to the content, audio, video, news feeds, gadgets, links, back links, ads? I have no clue the direction my blog will blossom. But you will soon understand something about me...I'm up for a good challenge. Especially if it involves me seeking new information or learning something new to better myself-just call me the queen of self-help.

To learn more about blogging, last night I purchased Blogging All-in-One for Dummies by Susan Gunelius. While shopping my Droid's Kindle Store for blog books I realized there were way too many to choose from. I chose the above title because it received a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. I also liked the book  reviews. One customer said, "Everything in one place and easy to understand." Personally, I was looking for a one-stop-shop information source to help me start my blog journey. I believe I've found it in this 8 book series that's nestled into 1 convenient guide.  

In closing, I'll proclaim in advance that through my blog, I'll look forward to embracing the possibilities and opportunities of this journey. I aspire to surprise and challenge myself through this infinite domain. I hope to discover my voice here and allow you to watch me grow. As the name eludes, 1Truthis will serve as a place of truth- personal or business.

As I begin to shape this space, my hope is to share some information that will be helpful to some yet therapeutic for me.

Stay tuned for more!  

Glad to finally meet you,

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